New Apple iPhone 5-Review, Price, Features & Specifications [Leaked]


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The iPhone giant Apple is coming with their new iphone that is being called as the 6th generation iPhone. Internet grapevine is spreading like wildfire about the iPhone5, people are expecting it to released by the end of the year 2012.The New iphone will come with larger display, new CPU, 4G Technology and LTE support.
New Iphone 5

Analycist are predicting apple iphone 5 as the true world phone. It will be having a slightly larger screen of  640 x 1,136-pixel Retina display that measures 3.95 inches diagonally and a smaller doc connector.

Rumors also say that it will be equipped with Samsung-built 5L8950X ARM processor that will make it faster than iPhone 4s. However there is no information about processor clock speed. The processor is known as A5*** at Apple which indicated that there will be no huge up gradation from the dual core chip as seen in iPhone 4S. Apart of that the the random access memory (RAM) would be increased from 512MB to 1GB.

According to the AT &T documents leaked by lulzsec  ( A computer hacker group, responsible for major hacks of Apple docs), the iphone 5 will offer 4G technology andit will support LTE network. LTE is the latest 3rd generation partnership project (3GPP).

The CEO of Foxconn (Harware partner of Apple) said a few days ago “the new iPhone 5 would put Samsung’s Galaxy III into “shame”iPhone 5 will be released for the market by October 2012 but there is no official confirmation has been given by Apple yet.


Operating System: Rumors are coming that iOS5 will be used in iPhone 5 with new icloud services for wireless remote access of music from all kind of devices. Apart of that it will be equipped with that comes with digital music locker and find my friend feature. We may see a repetition in the OS for iPhone 5.

Processor: It is reasonable that Apple will be upgrading the processor for the new iPhone with a quad core A6 based CPU. By seeing the fact that quad core CPU is being used in many phones like HTC One X & Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple may go for a more powerful processor.

Memory & Storage: It has been increased from 32GB to 64 GB in order to provide the user more space. Apart of that RAM has been increased from 512MB to 1024MB to support the processing speed. The icloud based digital locker will add the fun as it could by accessed from any device like tablet, desktop, pc etc.

Design & Dimensions: It is being said that its screen length will be 4 inch diagonally. That will be larger than iPhone 4S. The screen ratio will be 16:9 retina display with a resolution of  640 x 1,136-pixel

8Mpx camera in iphone 5? Camera & Battery: We can’t call it as really “superb” but if rumors are not wrong, iPhone 5 will be equipped with great camera.Two cameras will be there in the phone, an 8Mpx duel lex flash rear facing camera for high-definition stills and a front facing camera for video chatting.

Reports also say that Apple has recently filed a patent application for camera with 3D technology.

What about a hardware keyboard?

Being said that one of the prototype models of iPhone has a hardware keyboard. If we belive Apple.Pro (which is a decent source for Apple leaks), Apple is testing three prototypes of versions of iPhone 5. The weirdest one looks like as iPhone 4 but it has a case that slides out the hardware keyboard. it is hard to believe because apple loves touchscreen i Phones.The exterior-wise, the other two prototypes are said to be similar to the current gen or may be one-third of current gen.

an Iphone 5 prototype with keyboard

Except a larger screen, new CPU and some additional technologies like 4G & LTE , we shouldn’t expect much more from iphone 5.


5 Special Features of iPhone 5

Apple iphone 5

A Larger display 4 inch display: By observing the increasing rivalry with HTC One X and Samsung S3, it is being predicted that the new iPhone 5 will be having a larger display. Rather than a 3.5 inch screen of iPhone 4S, Apple will increase the screen size and possibly customers may get a 4 inch retina display as a result of market competition.

3 D Maps: The iphone 5 will come with the new 3D maps. however 3D map feature won’t work on iPhone 4. It will support 4S, iPad2 and the new iPad because those product feature more power than iPhone 4.

Updated SIRI: It is being said that the 6th generation phone will be having an updated SIRI. The iPhone is based on iOS 6. In addition, the iPhone comes with personalization options, allowing users to turn on a do-not-disturb mode as well as respond to phone calls with a set message and set VIP status for individuals whose e-mails come through as alerts.

Near Field communication (NFC):Near Field communication technology will turn your phone into a credit/Debit card. On 30 April 2012, apple filed a patent for NFC that reinforced the idea that iPhone is coming with this NFC Technology. The technology being inside the Google Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as well as in other top smartphones, the time for NFC may finally be here.

4G/LTE: As Apple iPad 3 was the first device to come with 4G technology but now Apple iPhone 5 is about to follow the same trend.

Altogether we can say that the new iPhone 5 will feature a larger display of 4 inch, the new processor that will improve the power efficiency, resulting a better battery life, good wireless-radio support, cool operating temperature and several other advantages. iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for the phone.

Here is a conceptual video explaining the features of iPhone 5 by an Apple fan, specially the laser keyboard is amazing.

None can be sure about the features and specifications of Apple 6th generation iPhone  as everyone is waiting for Apple to announce officially and illustrate more about iPhone 5.

Expected Price

It is obvious that iPhone 5 will be costlier than its earlier version. It’s expected price is USD 698$ .
Apple iPhone 5 prices in India is expected to be Rs. 40,000/-.

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