New Honda CBR 250R 2012 Official Price, Mileage & Specifications


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I must say the craze for sports bikes in India is on Peak . In this modern era sports bikes have become one of the top most desire of  young generation . Today we will be discussing about a bike which is very much popular among Indian youth , Honda CBR 250 R (250 cc) a well known bike made by Honda . Surprisingly this bike is a single cylinder sports bike made by honda and it was first launched in India  a year back .

Do you Know :  This is the first 250 cc bike ever launched in India which features combined anti-lock braking system . The combined anti-lock braking system prevents sudden wheel lock during sudden braking under tough riding conditions .It features digital speedometer which has a silver coated instrument panel with blue LCD back light which makes the speedometer trendy and classic at night .

This bike looks bit heavy if we consider its spectacular design which includes the  front broad design but riders will be glad to know this bike is pretty much light ( 167 Kg  ) as compared to other bikes in the same 250 cc segment . It offers superb handling , excellent power and features a broad powerband with plenty of low-revving torque ( Increase in speed when the accelerator is pressed especially while the clutch is free .

Fuel Injection

Sometimes it becomes somewhat difficult to start our vehicle ( bike ) in winter season as our engine takes some time to increase its temperature as compared to our surroundings . But with this advanced technology i.e Fuel injection which is introduced into this bike makes easier and more dependable engine starting at extremely high or low ambient temperatures . Fuel injection also helps in reducing the emission from the bike and it also enhances the fuel economy .

Counterbalance Shaft

Since this bike comes with counterbalance shaft it removes all the extra vibrations from the engine so all we can say is that this bikes runs smoothly without any disturbing noise .I am sure bikes surely going to love this bike as they will be getting power advantages of a single along with the smoothness of a multi-cylinder bike.

Pro-Link Rear Suspension

This innovative feature is available in Honda CBR higher version but this 250 cc is equipped with this feature , it uses a single shock which totally isolates the frame and the steering head from the shocks and stress exerted on the rear wheel and also helps in total mass centralisation which gives you a smooth ride and enhances your handling as well .

Disc Brakes

The New CBR 250 cc bike features front 296mm hydraulic Disc and front 220mm Disc which helps in excellent stopping power . Also as we already mentioned the combined anti-lock braking system which helps a rider during sudden braking under tough riding conditions .

Low Seat Height

A low 30.5″ seat makes easier for every rider to put their feet down at wherever necessary .This low seat height also make sure that this bike fits a wide range of riders .A separate passenger seat is also available integrated with passenger footpegs . This shows the versatility of this bike .

Underseat Storage

A few space is available under the passenger seat where a rider can place his gloves , sunglasses , bike’s documents and other essential items .


New Honda CBR 250R 2012 Mileage,  Specification Details

Fuel Efficiency :

Fuel Capacity

13 Litres

Fuel Consumption

25.00 Km pl (City)


35.00 Km pl (Highway)


Engine Specifications :




249.4cc liquid cooled single-cylinder four-stroke

Maximum Power

25 Bhp @ 8500 rpm

Maximum Torque

23 Nm @ 7000 rpm

Bore And Stroke

76mm x 55mm


PGM-Fi, 38mm throttle body

Compression Ratio


Valve Train

DOHC ; four valves per cylinder

No. of Cylinders



Safety : Suspensions , Brakes , Stand

Front Suspension

37mm fork; 4.65 inches travel

Rear Suspension

Pro-Link single shock

Front Brake

Single 296mm disc

Rear Brake

Single 220mm disc


Dimensions :


2032.00 mm


720.00 mm


1127.00 mm


Other Specifications :


167.00 kg

Ground Clearance

145.00 mm


12V 60/55W

Battery Type

Maintenance Free

Wheel Size

110/70 17M/C – 140/70 17M/C mm





Low Fuel Indicator



Candy Rudy Red, Sword Silver, Asteroid Black Metallic, Sporty Red White Blue Tricolor

 Colors Availability : This bike is currently available in  in four shades: Candy Rudy Red, Sword Silver, Asteroid Black Metallic, Sporty Red White Blue Tricolor .

Honda CBR 250R 2012 Price Tag : Riders can check the exact price of this bike on the official website of Honda . Link – .We are showing the exact price for Delhi region .












* 162549



* 190618

CBR 250R STD Tricolor


* 163660

CBR 250R ABS Tricolor


* 191730

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Riders can ask any query regarding this bike . We would love to help you out !

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